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Throughout the years, we have built up our competencies in providing solutions to our partners and developing software apps and prototypes.


Immersive Sound Technology Pte Ltd is incorporated in 2014 to take on consultancy and translational projects from the industry. We takes on projects related to

3D Sound Control and Rendering

Active Noise Control

Audio/Acoustic Measurement

Audio processing

Embedded signal processing

Recent Works

We have extensive industry experiences working with major industry companies, like Panasonic, Daimler Chrysler, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, National Instruments, Huawei Technology Co, Singapore Technologies Kinetic, Singapore Technology Electronics, and several other local companies.

3D Audio App

Available on Google Play.

3D Audio Headphones

Patented headphone for 3D Sound

ARA Headphones

Augmented Reality Audio (ARA)

Client Testimonials

We are impressed by the strong commitment adnd dedication bu you and your company. We recognized the importance of your expertise in the field of 3D sound and looks forward for future collaboration.

Li Ruihua, Huawei.

I'm impressed by the strong commitment and dedication on our research collaboration. I have no doubt that we can continue this research.

Dr. Urlich Gartner, DaimlerChrysler AG.

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Project Related To

3D Sound Control and Rendering

Using our proprietary algorithms and 3D audio headphones, we can render highly immersive 3D sound perception through touch interface.

Active Noise Control

Using multi-channel adaptive signal processing techniques, global active noise reduction can be achieved in a large area.

Audio/Acoustic Measurement

We also carry out different acoustic measurement of speakers, microphones, and audio systems , and perform in-depth studies into subjective testing for spatial audio.

Audio processing

Using advanced audio processing techniques, low frequency content enhancement, directional sound beam, adaptive audio equalization, and audio effect generation systems have been developed.

Embedded signal processing

Our algorithms can be ported to different embedded processing platforms and running in Window and Android operating systems.

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Dr. Woon-Seng Gan

[email protected]